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Adult Rules

Qualifying vs. Nonqualifying

Both qualifying and nonqualifying events are held at the 2018 U.S. Adult Championships and all registrations must be processed through by February 1, 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Events considered ‘Qualifying’ must compete at the adult sectionals in order to qualify for the Championships:

Championship Masters Junior-Senior Free Skate

Championship Masters Intermediate-Novice Free Skate

Championship Adult Gold Free Skate

Championship Adult Silver Free Skate

Championship Masters Pairs

Championship Adult Dance


Nonqualifying events at the 2018 U.S. Adult Championships do not require qualification from the sectional championships and are open to all competitors who meet the requirements.

**Competitors wishing to compete in nonqualifying events at sectionals must register through the local organizing committee.

Age Groups

Per rule 2552, there shall be age categories for all singles free skate, dramatic skate and light entertainment skate events, (does not include pair/partnered or solo dance events). For the 2018 competitive season, the age categories at the U.S. Adult Championships are as follows:

            Class I:            21 years through 35 years
            Class II:           36 years through 45 years
            Class III:          46 years through 55 years
            Class IV:         56 years through 65 years
            Class V:          66 years and over


At the chief referee’s discretion, age class events with fewer than six entries may be combined, after consultation with the national vice chair for adult competitions and the chair of the competitions committee.

Events with two skaters MAY be combined with the closest appropriate group and/or level if a skater withdraws from the event during the conduct of the competition. This ensures that the remaining skater has an event in which to compete.

Four or Fewer

When there are four or fewer competitors in an adult sectional qualifying event, competitors may progress directly to the U.S. Adult Championships.

If there is only one competitor or team in an event, that person/team moves directly to the U.S. Adult Championships. See rule 2544. If, at the close of entries, there are four or fewer competitors registered for a qualifying event at a sectional adult championship, additional competitors from the same qualifying event in other sections shall be permitted to enter the U.S. Adult Championships in order to bring the number of competitors up to a maximum of 12 (or more if ties make it necessary). See rule 2544.

Competitors must state during the online registration process whether they will skate in their  event at the sectionals if there are four or fewer within their section of 12 or fewer in all sections combined. The statement is binding.